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Custom trips: how it works

After more than 20 years helping travelers, we have implemented a very efficient system to improve your booking and travel experience. A multi-step process will keep you updated and help you to be in control of your own decisions on real-time.

Travel Inspiration

Cultural Heritage

Let us introduce you the places and activities that really represent the stories and people of the past and present. We will include historical, cultural and natural visits and also World Heritage Sites. Because all our tours are scheduled in advance, you will avoid heat and crowds.

Sights & Attractions

While there is no right or wrong way to visit new destinations, oftentimes, a few landmark visits is worth it to learn a lot of interesting tidbits about the history, art, architecture, and the people of a city or country. Because we know your time is gold and there are a lot of sightseeing, we will be selected to get the most out of your stay.

Art & Architecture

For Art and Architecture lovers, we have selected the richest and deepest addresses for you to discover incredible views and beautiful creations to see and enjoy. We want you to introduce some points you may not have heard of before in order to reach art and architecture in its purest form.


We know how important is taking time away from job, it can have very good physical and psychological health benefits, however, sometimes, we have only a few days off. That is why we pamper carefully any kind of escape. We promise you a great time full of good experiences and unforgettable moments. You deserve to be happier.


Leave your trip in our hands and you will truly experience the world in a luxury way. That simple! We can book Michelin-starred restaurants, designer hotels, private jets, luxury yachts or arrange unique experiences such as private visits to a World Heritage Site (only you and your guide). Let us inject a bit of glamour into your memorable stays.


Have you ever wondered what the food you eat can tell you about a country? Food is a portal into true culture, and it should be treated as such. We will show you history and heritage through cuisine. And, if you wish, we will be happy to organize your own cooking classes, where we will reveal some traditional recipes, which have been passed down from one generation to the next.


Are you interested in discovering a region with the real wine taste? Here we can offer you stunning wine tours with a broad range of different experiences that let you discover the best red and white wines. You can combine not only visits to family cellars, but also to iconic wineries and see the difference. Discover all our wine delicious tastes.

Festivals & Traditions

There are many ways to know and understand the culture and traditions of a place, but without any doubt, annual festivals are probably the best ones. It is there, when the city is in full bloom, where you can see the real soul, feel the deepest emotions, listen to its soundtrack, and smell its perfume.

Leisure & Beaches

Vacations on the beach are more than having a leisure walk on the sand. It is enjoying the water and its relaxing effects, enjoying fun activities such as snorkelling or volleyball, going shopping to the coolest markets around and feeling like a local in no time.

Adventure & Outdoors

When you like to feel the adrenaline, you look for adventure and outdoor activities, but it is not always easy to find the best options when you are abroad. That is why we are willing to bring you the thrillfulest and wildest choices according to your likes. Ready to test your limits?

Train Journeys

Travel by train is an impressive experience as you will enjoy exclusive landscapes that are impossible to reach flying or driving. But if you add maximum comfort aboard, personalized attention, select cuisine and leisure activities, train journeys become unforgettable episodes. And, do not forget, picking this option you will be making a positive difference for the environment.

Nature lovers

Want to see a country in its most natural state? Then a nature-packed adventure is exactly what you need. We can give you a wide range of options: breath-taking views, hikes, raft, boat ride, etc. Travellers will have an unforgettable look into life in the forest watching bears, deers, wolves, boars, eagles, lynxs, bee-eaters...

Castles & Film Scenes

It is hard to imagine how sublime is to see live for the first time a building that represent decades, even centuries, of history. Or a grand setting used for a production, where memorable scenes were shot. These locations will make you to daydream and live them like your favourite character - even just for a day.


Only available for music lovers who want to live outstanding experiences. We can produce activities focused on music, get concert tickets, festival passes, opera coupons, private classes to learn how to play a local instrument, etc. Whatever the type of music you like, we only want you to rock you.


Your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime, where you capture the best memories. Whether you love a beautiful beach, the countryside or an exciting city, we can provide you with epic places to indulge your personal idea of romance and enjoy. We want your first post-wedding getaway to be authentic, spectacular and magical.


We know how important the faith is and we are conscious that some of the religious trips are made only once in a lifetime. So, we are extremely careful with this kind of trips and our professionals leave nothing to chance. We will organize for you not only the visit to sacred sites, but also cultural routes, private masses or any activity you wish.


Thinking of taking a shopping tour? Just let us know in advance what you are looking for, your preferences, lifestyle, interests and likes, and your personal assistant will design your custom shopping tour and will take you to the finest stores and markets, where you will find hidden gems for all sorts of items.


Looking forward to relax, reboot, or reestablish your sense of inner balance? We have the perfect formula: reconnect with yourself. Our designers will make a trip plan in relaxing environments to live the moment. A lot of experiences will be available for you such as yoga and meditation, outdoor activities, sleep enhancement, massage, transition therapy... It is time to enjoy!


What could be better than combining an unwinding stay to a nice locale with a few rounds of unforgettable golf with your 9-iron? Exploring beyond the spectacular courses and beautiful luxury resorts, and experience your destination true culture sounds like the perfect trip.

Fly & Drive

Are you looking forward to decide the overall pace of the holiday and have the total freedom and flexibility to get to places off the beaten track, and then spend as much time as you want there? Then, have a look to a fly-&-drive holiday, where loads of adventure, fun and excitement are guaranteed.

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